World War 1 - 100 Years ago in the Stanley Area

A new exhibit in the farming and logging building came about this summer when the grandchildren of Chris and Elizabeth Kuehni donated a large solid copper, Swiss Cheese Kettle. 

The kettle was used by Chris Kuehni when he lived in the Swiss area of Southern Wisconsin and then brought with him when he moved to a farm north of Boyd.  All of the men in 2 generations of Kuehni's that came to America from the Alps of Switzerland between 1884-195 were trained to be cheese makers.  Becoming an apprentice in the business was a necessity because the importance of a good Swiss cheese relied on color, texture, during the process.

We also have created a new map showing all of the local cheese factories that grew up in our area.  There are a few neat facts about cheese making.  We are currently researching our local cheese factories, we found we are missing much information.  If you know of someone who was a cheese maker and the years he worked at a certain factory, we would appreciate a call from you.

Say Cheese!!!!

Betty Plombon, Museum Director, organized the World War 1 - 100 years ago in the Stanley Area Saturday, September 15, 2018.


Many of you know the history of WW I, but do you know what took place in and around the Stanley area, before, during and after the war, known as the, “The War To End All Wars?” Join us at the local museum on Saturday, September 15, 2018, for a historical day to learn about the war here at home. Take yourself back 100 years to 1918, when the war was playing itself out in France. Thousands of U. S. boys were battling for their lives and freeing the world of German power. What about the German people who lived in Wisconsin?