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Presents Research Boards to Area Businesses

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The research takes years, but the result is worth it, as the Stanley Area Historical Society recently presented two local businesses with history boards on their buildings. The research was done by Betty Plombon, while putting together of the boards themselves was done by Judy Judnic. The two businesses receiving the boards were Stanley Truck Sales of 515 North Broadway and the Muffler King of 301 East Maple Street, both in Stanley. Plombon shared a little of what went into making the history boards.

“Well the research took years,” she said of finding out the facts behind each building’s history. The boards, meanwhile, took considerably shorter, about a month.

“Judy did the layout and putting the backgrounds on,” Plombon said of her helper in the enterprise.

As to the Halterman board, Plombon said they had been asking questions when they moved into the building, while for the Muffler King it was similar. So what might one learn from such an endeavor? We asked the Wundrows, hearing back from Todd on how it started for his own business and what the boards have done.

“While having a conversation with Betty Plombon at the beginning of the year, I had asked her if she had knowledge of more history of this shop locations as I had been curious about it for some time,” Wundrow said. “Some things that I learned as a result of the board were some of the services provided and products sold at this location over the years,” he said. “Russ and Elaine Paul,” whom we purchased the shop from, had told us some of the history, but learning more about who else previously owned the shop was interesting. There are only a handful of owners form the 1930s until 1944. Since 1944, there have only been three owners of the business location, myself included, and we three have all continued the title of the Muffler King.”

Halterman History Board

SAHS intern Eric Mehnerdt (left) takes time to present Syndi Halterman (right) of Stanley Truck Sales and the Halterman family with

a history board on the building at
515 North Broadway.
Photo by Joseph Back of the Stanley Republican.

Wundrow History Board

SAHS intern Eric Mehnerdt, Betty Plombon, Misty and Todd Wundrow take a picture with a history board that Plombon helped prepare

for the Maple Street business,
with help from Judy Judnic.
Photo by Joseph Back of the Stanley Republican.

The Jankoskis are extraordinary volunteers all over Stanley. President Dave has been mayor of the city for many years and, after a short pause and a write-in on the city council ballot, he continues to serve.

Curator of the museum for many years, Betty Plombon shows off the new newsletter format using a bar code for the mailings, something that she struggled hours to get right and thus making the sending easier. We have more than 600 members who receive copies of the museum's events and non-fiction nostalgia of folks who remembered life in the Stanley area.

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As president of the Stanley Area Historical Society I want to welcome you to our updated Website. Our organization is extremely proud its accomplishments since we were incorporated over 37 years ago. We have grown over the years in the size of our exhibit space and in the number of artifacts that our museum contains. We want to invite and encourage you to visit us during the months of June, July and August on Saturdays and Sundays 1-4 p.m. and in September on Sundays 1-4 p.m. Or groups wishing to visit can also call for an appointment. We guarantee you will be surprised at what we have in our over 10,000 sq. ft. of exhibit space. We await your visit.

David Jankoski President

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