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The Stanley Area Historical Society will be hosting a Celebration of the Life of Cheryl Kern-Simirenko on Saturday, September 24, 2022 beginning at 1 pm. Family, relatives and friends are invited to participate in celebrating the accomplishments and service of Cheryl in her lifetime and more specifically since her return to her hometown in 2013. The Historical Society Museum is located at 228 Helgerson Street and will be open beginning at 12 pm.

Cheryl Kern-Simirenko

Date of Birth 9/19/1945 - Date of Death 7/24/2022


     Cheryl Kern-Simirenko was a Stanley kid!  She grew to adulthood in our small town.  She graduated from St. Mary’s grade school, attended and graduated from McDonnell Central High School in Chippewa Falls, Class of 1963, and was the Class Valedictorian.  She often spoke highly of her youthful experience of working in the Moon Memorial Library in Stanley which likely resulted in her future choice of vocation.  She earned Bachelor of Arts Degrees from both the University of Minnesota (1967) and University of Wisconsin  (1968). In 1971, she earned a Master of Arts in Russian History from Pennsylvania State University. And in 1977, she earned a Master of Library Science from the University of Pittsburgh. She began her career in 1979 as Slavic bibliographer at Syracuse University Libraries and moved into management positions there.  She also held administrative positions at the University of Oregon and Purdue University Libraries, before becoming the Dean of the University of Akron Libraries in 2005.  She retired from the University of Akron in 2012. 

     After her retirement, Cheryl had a home built in the Town of Worden, rural Stanley, on property she had inherited. It was after her return to Stanley in 2013, that she reconnected with Moon Memorial Library and served on the Library Board.  In 2014, Cheryl began her service on the Stanley Area Historical Society (SAHS), Board of Directors and served faithfully since.  After hearing a presentation on “Digitization of a Museums Collection,”  at the SAHS 2014 Annual Meeting, she along with four others, were appointed to a committee charged with beginning digitization of our collections.  In 2019, when our museum hosted the West Central Regional Meeting of the Wisconsin Council for Local History, Cheryl and colleague Sharon Wundrow, provided an informative presentation on Digitization of the SAHS collections. From that presentation, she was invited to serve on a statewide Digital Readiness Community Practice work group, where she provided the perspective of an all-volunteer society and museum.  The group’s work resulted in the documents and guides developed getting in final form, so they become part of the digitization tool kit on Recollection Wisconsin.

    SAHS has benefited from Cheryl’s volunteerism in a number of ways. She has served as Copy-Editor of our semi-annual newsletter since 2014 and in 2020 she oversaw having all Stanley and Stanley-Boyd annuals digitized at the Oklahoma Correctional Institution (at no cost to the museum).  Since 2018, she has played a major role in providing an educational experience in the operation of a small all volunteer museum for intern students from the UW-Eau Claire – Public History Program.  However, her most important contribution to SAHS has been her leadership and ongoing work of digitizing our museum’s collections, including adding them to Past Perfect files,

     Cheryl was a loyal servant and supporter of causes close to her heart.  Her service to SAHS is recorded and she shall always be remembered with gratitude for all of her efforts to advance our organization to its current level of saving, recording and sharing Stanley area history in digital format.  Cheryl’s final struggles with her earthly journey are now over and may she rest in peace knowing we appreciated the eight plus years she shared with us. Her knowledge, skills and stories of growing up in the same environment as most of us, made her a memory book in itself.   Well done good and faithful servant.  


David Jankoski, President, Stanley Area Historical Society

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Wundrow History Board

Halterman Board

Curator of the museum for many years, Betty Plombon shows off the new newsletter format using a bar code for the mailings, something that she struggled hours to get right and thus making the sending easier. We have more than 600 members who receive copies of the museum's events and non-fiction nostalgia of folks who remembered life in the Stanley area.

The research takes years, but the result is worth it, as the Stanley Area Historical Society recently presented two local businesses with history boards on their buildings. The research was done by Betty Plombon, while putting together of the boards themselves was done by Judy Judnic.

The Jankoskis are extraordinary volunteers all over Stanley. President Dave has been mayor of the city for many years and, after a short pause and a write-in on the city council ballot, he continues to serve.







Welcome to the Museum Website!

As president of the Stanley Area Historical Society I want to welcome you to our updated Website. Our organization is extremely proud its accomplishments since we were incorporated over 37 years ago. We have grown over the years in the size of our exhibit space and in the number of artifacts that our museum contains. We want to invite and encourage you to visit us during the months of June, July and August on Saturdays and Sundays 1-4 p.m. and in September on Sundays 1-4 p.m. Or groups wishing to visit can also call for an appointment. We guarantee you will be surprised at what we have in our over 10,000 sq. ft. of exhibit space.


We await your visit.


David Jankoski

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